The Incentive Web Platform

Brain&Heart is a web platform expressely developed to manage and communicate the various activities of a Sales Management with high information technology solutions to maximize the performance of sales activities.It is a web platform with a Brain and a Heart:
• The BRAIN: manages all the results of a sales network, over the web in real time and with maximum ease
• The HEART: uses the web to communicate, to animate the campaigns and to send out video messages, e-mail or sms

Main Features

Brain&Heart manages incentive competitions, canvass sales, trade challenges and contests, short tactical actions whose strength lies in the timeliness of information.
Main features:
• it monitors up to 30 simultaneous challenges for single user
• it is extremely flexible
• it provides automatically updated results in real time
• it controls the work of all trades: wholesalers, dealers, agents, subdealers, subagents, salesmen, retailers
• it contains algorithms of main incentive actions
• it interfaces with most common CRM platforms (SAP, Oracle, Sales Force, etc.)
• it communicates, automatically and in real time, through video, sms, e-mail and desktop alerts
• it is visible and manageable even by means of tablets and smartphones