Brain&Heart is a modular web app. Every module can be activated either within the main platform or as standalone module that works as proper independent platform. The integrated modular system allows to implement any upgrade at any time, preserving the full compatibility with the integrated modules.
All our platforms are responsive in order to be fully accessible from any pc, tablet or smartphone

A Multilanguage web app to manage sales force incentives. Technologically advanced with the highest level of settings and top performance. Ideal for managing medium and large incentive campaigns. See all details in the Brain&Heart Platform section.

Pre-configured platform to manage sales force incentives. Ready to use and with an extremely smart backend. Ideal for managing small and medium campaigns

It guarantees a more technological, reliable and safe handling of vouchers in loyalties campaigns. It is able to process single but also block of vouchers as stock, order or in real time and according to any kind of target. The platform’s anti-fraud system ensures the highest safety standard in distribution. H&A Vouchers can be spent in the major retail chains or online on the main e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Zalando…) and, as digital fuel vouchers cover the entire national territory. The reporting system is able to monitor in real time vouchers’ download, set up pushing actions, send automatically email and sms and update the sales force with analytical report

A proper corporate Social Network to enable ideas disclosure, release of best practises, suggestions and trainings in a pleasant atmosphere of gamification. Online genuine discussions may rise through comments on posts as in the traditional social networks. A double voting system grants the creation of real time rankings based on posts liking. The platform is able to monitor each publication thanks to its technologically advanced contents’ validated systems

A platform committed to clients’ data collection, registration, data and purchase document validation, integrated systems of Instant Win, winning codes management, QR codes, collection points. Data collection is managed by platform, sms or emails with centralized flow. Encourage chain incentives on sales networks through geo-mapping on customers’ initiatives

Ideal for managing course registrations with allotment and calendar control, pre-conditions registration check, sales force interaction, real time reporting, confirmation of registration, attendance check and sharing of documents and course materials