The Sell-Out Module

The Sell-Out Module transfers all the powerful features of Brain&Heart platform under the direct control of a single dealer, agent or wholesaler who can freely create and manage sales contests within his structure.

Opportunities for the dealers, agents or wholesalers:
• increasing sales, more easily achieving their goals
• optimizing human resources
• fiscal benefits on awards
• motivating his employees

Opportunities for the company:
• keeping control on Sell-Out
• motivating its dealers, agents or wholesalers to achieve their goals with a tool that gratifies their entrapeneurship sense
• increasing sales

The Community Module

The Community Module allows you to create a real corporate Social Network: a useful tool for communication during the campaign, a cute bulletin during the journey and an irreplaceable tool for the follow-up campaign.

Opportunities for users:
• exchanging useful information for their job and instantly sharing it with the entire network
• asking for an instant advice to solve a particular problem
• feeling constantly supported by a large community
• creating or deepening friendships between colleagues

Opportunities for the company:
• increasing team spirit
• fostering a sense of belonging to the company
• improving the efficiency of the network